What makes a burger perfect? is it the soft brioche bun, the fresh meat, the melting cheese, the grilled bacon, the fried egg or maybe the crispy onion rings? i guess that there can not be a correct answer to this fundamental question.

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What i can tell you is that a burger has to be as sinful as it can possibly be! I mean that it has to be juicy and full of different flavors and textures. i had such a good experience recently in a new place in Athens. “la esquina” is a kind of burger bar and exactly as its name in Spanish suggests, something you can find just around the corner, friendly and cozy. it is located in the charming Kolonaki area, in the center of Athens. i tasted a perfect chili con carne with fried egg, some crispy chicken fillets with a mayonnaise sauce, a colorful coleslaw salad and a black angus burger so luscious that you cannot overlook. once more i chose a table outdoors in the nice pedestrian area offered. it also serves some interesting cocktails. so go look for that new heavenly burger my friends, after all it is just around the corner.


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